Monday, June 16, 2008

my salad

because i like to eat this one, have made it so many ways, but this is the way, as of late it gets served.

heidi's greens


1/2 c oil
1/4 c cider vinegar
1/4 c sugar
1 TB parsley

blend in a blender or something fast and spinny. really. it turns white and nice.
pour that dresing over these:

sliced apples, a nice granny smith does fine or a pink cameo
slices strawberries

let these marinate an hour or so, or not. just put the dressing on these first.

the nuts:

i like cashews. you can use walnuts (i get cankers when i smell a walnut and so do most americans, but hey) or pecans. but....i like cashews.

then. turn a sauce pan on medium heat and cover the bottom with white sugar. maybe a cup. add a tsp. of salt and a dash of pepper. (the savory comes unglued) then. watch very carefully, your sugar will start to turn to the most beautiful brown caramel. when it does, add the nuts and stir vigorously. i like to pour these out on a microwave safe bowl lid. they slide off easily enough and don't melt the lid.
chop the nuts coursely with a chopper or a knife.

the greens.

don't use iceberg, that's my only plea. i like spring baby greens mixed with spinach or plain spinach, maybe butter lettice. your choice, just don't use iceberg, save it for tacos.....

the cheese.

always use feta with this. the dressing makes the feta sing an opera.
the end.

short version:
feta cheese
sugared nuts

this salad was enjoyed at a picnic with these people.

in this setting. my kind of happy....


Annie said...

All I can say Heidi, is YUM!

Kristy said...

This makes my mouth water!

Brooke said...

delish! thanks for the recipe!