Sunday, November 4, 2007

Seat number 5: Addie LaDuke

(intro by Annie)

The first time I met Addie was at an enrichment activity our church had for emergency preparedness. When I saw Addie from a distance she immediately caught my eye. She has this beautiful long, black hair and the prettiest blue eyes. (I think she resembles Cortney Cox)! At that same time she was holding her darling little girl Callie who looked like the same age as my daughter Lily. I went up to her and introduced myself and we got to talking and when we found out that our girls were the same age, we decided we should get together for a play date. Once we got together we immediately clicked (so did Callie and Lily) and we have been great friends ever since! During our time in New Haven, we hung out quite often from going to the Yale gym in the mornings, to near by parks, and of course our weekly trips to Target! We always needed something to do because our husbands were always gone to school and so busy studying that we needed some sort of outlet!
Addie is one of my greatest and truest friends. She has always been concerned about me and always been there for me. I miss you tremendously Addie! :)

Addie is a wonderful cook. Graham and I loved it when she and Cameron would have us over for dinner. I have always admired that she can just take a few ingredients from her pantry and whip up something delicious! Some of my favorite recipes have come from her-especially her pork tenderloin! I love that her recipes aren't the generic kinds you get from everyone else-and they are healthy!

Not only is Addie a great cook, she is also very talented at making invitations and cards for all types of occasions and she makes the cutest scrapbook things ever! The day Graham and I and Lily moved from New Haven, she gave me the cutest thank you cards with my name on them and I have had so many compliments on them from so many people.

Addie, I am so bummed out that Cameron didn't get into BYU's law program because I know both Lily and I could use and Addie and Callie fix! We really need to take a trip down to Arizona!Thanks for your great friendship!