Thursday, September 27, 2007

seat number 1, intro

Annie - intro by Heidi

I am so happy to be able to tell you about Annie. We met in New Haven, CT while our husbands were going to PA school attending Yale University. She was pregnant expecting her first little one and I had 2 in tote. I felt so alone and very far from home. Since bucks are pretty limited in graduate school it seemed our activity of interest became grocery shopping. She helped get me acquainted with the town as she and her husband got there a few weeks before we did. We found at the grocery stores that we liked similar foods and found ourselves exchanging recipes and always eating. We would have lots of dinners together and that really bonded us. We'd be lonely for family and they were a great replacement!
Annie has the cutest family. Lily is 2 and Owen was born today! He is adorable. She and her husband just bought their first house and it is so cute!
Things I really admire about Annie include - her house is ALWAYS CLEAN. And it is so clean I don't think she ever has to dejunk because it is SOOOOOOO clean. She always has dinner on the table at night. She is superb with routine and getting things done. She is a great friend and always on top of things. She remembers birthdays, anniversaries and dates of importance really well. She is a sweetheart and I have many fabulous recipes from her that are our family favorites. I could always depend on her in CT and I will always be grateful for that! :)