Friday, November 2, 2007

Seat Number 4: Heidi McKay

(intro by Deanna)

I'm so excited to be able to introduce the one, the only, amazing Heidi McKay! She is the brain child behind this fun new blog that we're all going to have a fun time with. For me (and probably most people who know her), when I even think the name Heidi - my mind instantly starts conjuring up images of really good, tasty, gourmet food. Not because she only cooks gourmet foods, but because the most everyday foods become so much more in her hands. Heidi has the ability to make any food, no matter what it is, to look and taste gourmet. Seriously, the woman could probably serve you hagus or liverwurst and you would think it was the most beautiful, tasty food you'd ever tasted. Her hands just work magic in the kitchen.

And one of the things that I absolutely love the most about Heidi is her PASSION of food. Many people like and enjoy good food. Many people are good cooks, etc. But, there are precious few out there that can even come close to being anywhere near this level of passionate, when it comes to food. My husband and I had always thought of ourselves as passionate about good food. Going to a good restaurant or eating some new amazing food was a total experience, to be savored and fully enjoyed. Well, after meeting Heidi, I found out that we had been playing in the minor leagues! It was a whole new level of experience for us to go out on double dates with Heidi and Scott. Those are definitely memories that I treasure! If Todd and I could choose any two people in the world to go out to eat with, it would most likely be Heidi and Scott. We've got a great food bond that will forever tie us all together. I can't tell you how many times since we left CT that Todd and I will be trying a new restaurant or eating something new, and we'll turn and say to each other "Man, you know who would really like this? Heidi and Scott." "Wow, I sure wish Heid could try this, she'd love it." "Maybe we should try to pack this on ice and send it to the McKays..." Seriously. It is probably absurb how much we think of them.

I should probably further explain more about her passion. You see, it's a full sensory experience with Heidi because you not only get the great food and taste how wonderful it is, but you also get to see and hear Heidi. If you haven't ever heard Heidi talk about good food, you've really missed out on a great thing. When you get to see her eyes, watch her hands, and hear her voice talk about it and hear her describe things . . . it's otherworldly. I can't tell you how much I have missed just hearing and seeing Heidi over the last 1 1/2 years!!! I might have to see if I can convince her to post a few food videos so you can see it in action. She's the best!

OK, so besides food (hey, I can't help it that such a great majority of our time together was spent eating or talking about food!), there are so many levels that Heidi and I can relate to. First, our husbands. They're both in the Radiology field. During our time in New Haven, my husband was finishing medical school and knew he was going to do his residency in Radiology. Heidi's husband was in PA school and knew he was going to go back and work for a Radiology group. So our boys are totally on the same page with their insaneness (i.e. they get giddy at the experience of sticking needles all over in people and doing all kinds of invasive procedures, and high image scans of the body are their lifelines).

Then there is the kid factor. In New Haven, Heidi and I both had 2 kids that were super close in age. Both of us had girls first and then crazy boys. Talk about a bond. You know you've got a good friendship when you can come home from a date night and just laugh about which one of your sons bit off the face of the other boy or left claw marks in the other one. I love being around Heidi because I spend all that time smiling and laughing! She is so funny and I love her ability to be able to laugh about even hard things in life. I have so many wonderful memories with the amazing Heidi Mckay, and look forward to many, many more over the years. You rock, Heidi!