Monday, November 5, 2007

The Lovely Becca Lloyd

When I think of my dear friend Becca, the word lovely comes to mind. She reallly is a lovely person. There are so many wonderful things about Becca so it will be hard to try and tell you about her in words, but I will do my best.

First, and I think most importantly, Becca is such a good friend. My very first memory of her was when she approached me one Sunday in church and handed me a card. I was very new to New Haven, and I had just met her the previous week. She had found out from my husband that I was struggling in trying to find a job. Anyway, she wrote me the nicest note of encouragement that really helped me through that hard time. She didn't even know me, and she took the time to write a very sincere note. I still have the note, and I will never forget that small act of kindness from Becca. We have been good friends ever since. She is so incredibly thoughtful.

Second, Becca is so passionate about life. I love this about her. She loves gothic art, and she is soooo knowledgeable on this subject - it amazes me. She loves to travel. She loves being crafty, but she is never cheesy -always classy. She loves her family -she, Shane, and Peter are always doing the funnest things together. She is always so happy and you can tell that she loves being alive.

Third, Becca is hilarious. She always makes me laugh. She has a joke about everything, and I love being around her because of this. She just is so dang funny.

And lastly, Becca is fabulous and ultra creative in the kitchen. I guess the best way to put it is that Becca has great taste (no pun intended) in the kitchen. She has an eye for what foods would go well together. She appreciates the finer foods and isn't afraid to use those finer foods in her creations. Becca loves good food. She prefers sea and kosher salt, fancy Euro cheeses, prosciutto, fresh fruits and veggies, and anything French. She truly is cultured when it comes to food. Did I mention that Becca is the "Pie Master"? I don't know if it's official yet, but Becca had a goal of making 100 pies and then she would become the "Pie Master". Becca, has it happened yet? Her pies are perfection, and she has probably made every pie in the book.

I just can't do her justice - you'll have to meet her if you haven't already. She really is one of the best I know and it's hard to describe someone like that in words (unless you're a writer, which I am not). So, here's to you, Becca, and your loveliness.