Sunday, November 4, 2007

Seat Number 6: Cortney

(intro by Addie)

There are lots of things I admire about Cortney. She is the person who seems to have everything together. She is organized, kind, thoughtful, and always looks perfect. The first time I had dinner at her house she served a four coarse meal, her house was spotless, and she and Rob were the most gracious hosts. I always felt like my daughter was the Tasmanian devil in her home, set to destroy the perfection. Cortney is the type of person who will set out to learn something new, like knitting, or bread making and she will not give up until she gets it right. Full of patience, her perfection does not give her a boastful air. She treats everyone with compassion, and truly cares to brighten or help their day. That is what I am sure makes her a wonderful counselor in her profession. She will be a great contributor to this blog, because I know she has a great collection of cookbooks and is one who has tried the recipes over again until she has them perfected.