Friday, February 1, 2008

Tuna and Peppers

My favorite way to eat tuna fish is in a bell pepper. I got this idea from weight watchers and have loved it for several years. It's really simple and is so fresh and yummy. Obviously, the less mayo you use, the less fattening it is. I use low-fat mayo, some lemon juice and pepper. Clean out half of a bell pepper (you choose red, yellow or green) and stuff it with the tuna fish mixture. Serve it with some fruit and you have a delicious, fresh, healthy lunch!


Heather said...

Kristy! This is Heather Williams! I found this cool blog from Lindsay's blog, then via Amy's blog! I love it! And I LOVE tuna! This looks so yummy! Guess I know what I am having for lunch tomorrow! I hope you are doing great! :)