Wednesday, February 13, 2008

hubby's heaven

that folks is the most beautimous plate i have ever seen!

honey cooked it. i came home from church {he had stayed home with sick baby}, and this glorious plate was there before me. with questioning eyes i looked at him, and then the words "curry" came out of his mouth. mmmmmm.

have you ever gone into your local asian market? they are full of wonderful things. i had gone in earlier in the week and found our absolute favorite curry paste, a massaman curry paste. so honey used it and added coconut milk, creme of coconut, boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes, roasted peanuts and served it over calrose rice {sticky rice usually used for sushi}. it. was. heaven.

the best part was that he used the paste and followed the directions then got to add his favorites.

so, this post is to you scotty, you da man!


Deanna said...

That sounds delicious! Come make me some, Scott!!