Monday, November 19, 2007

some random kids favorites

my kids love when i come home from costco and there is a large bag of lemons. they know the inevitable is coming, homemade lemonade........
i am always asked how i make this. i do have a rhythm but no real recipe. so i will give tips.
i use a 4 or 5 pound bag of the prettiest looking ones.
i cut the peel off, cut each end and then cut down. try to have only the lemon flesh showing. the peel and white flesh tend to make it a bitter flavor.
slice the remaining part of the lemon in slices. this also helps get the seeds out.
kid help - they love squeezing the tops and bottoms of the lemons into the container. also, they love to smash the lemons with a large spoon when they have been all cut up)

dump the slices in a large serving container with sugar, 3-4 cups and some ice. mash with a large spoon the lemons to get the juice started. let this set overnight in the fridge. in the morning add water and sugar to your liking. i also like to add frozen berries as ice cubes maybe 1/2 hour before serving. i also add cream of coconut or weeping strawberries (sliced strawberries with powdered sugar - let sit over night). it is a favorite, much love and labor involved also.

next up - school lunch rolls
let me preface this with saying these are the good school lunch reminder rolls that i grew up with, not my kids. school lunch is such a disappointment. they ban anything homemade and it so takes away from the nutrition. they have to have premade stuff which will inevitably have preservatives and unhealthy, unnatural additives. back on track here, this is how i make school lunch rolls.
start with the loaves frozen, it just works better. to thaw, i put in the microwave for 1-2 minutes. i then break apart and make little balls, placing in a greased pyrex. one loaf will get what you see in the picture, about 12 rolls. for flavor you can dip the tops of these in butter and then parmesan cheese or onion soup is also good.

turn your oven on warm for a few minutes. turn it off before you place the rolls in and place a bowl of hot water in a bowl below the pyrex. it should rise in about 2-3 hours.

cook on 350 for 15-17 minutes. my kids hate crust or hard on any part of a roll. these are soft and pillowy all around and the tops stay soft because of the butter. enjoy with a variety of toppings or with a large pot of soup.