Thursday, March 11, 2010

ganache pie

i'm a concept cooker. tell me what your fovorite flavors are and i will concoct something in that blessed kitchen of mine. i did the desserts for a bridal shower last week. the bride loves chocolate, thus, ganache pie was born. at this shower i attended no one knew what ganache was. (insert a gasp) ganache, said ganosh, was one of my first frosting encounters as a beginning cook. i made these fabulous little chocolate cupcakes from ina garten, then turned them into marshmallow filled cupcakes topped with ganache and i never, ever looked back. the concept of a ganache is to break down the chocolate with cream just enough to achieve a high gloss and when it cools, it will firm up. it is a beautiful addition to any cake or pie in this case.

i started with these cute mini graham cracker pie shells. at my local wal mart they are in the cooking isle by the pre made pie shells. Keebler makes 6 for $1.42, you can't beat it.

to make your ganache, remember 2 to 1. two parts chocolate to one part cream, heavy cream. for example, 1 cup chocolate chips to 1/2 c heavy whipping cream. it depends on how many pies you are making, so use your judgement here. i know, i know, people hate when i concept cook and concept recipe give. i'm sorry, i can't get these things to a science. i am a tasting dessert cooker. sorry. on the stove over low heat, put your chocolate and cream together. i usually add these ingredients to the pan before the heat is on. one burned chocolate morsel and the whole thing goes down the drain. over low heat, whisk these 2 ingredients together until you get a beautiful glossy chocolate sauce. immediately take it off the heat once that is achieved. i got a little spoon and coated the bottom of these pie shells with the chocolate sauce and then set them in the fridge to set up for about 10 minutes.
in my kitchen aid i took a brick of cream cheese that had been left to room temperature (or you can put it in the microwave for 8 second intervals, turning after each, 2 times is great for me) and put that in the mixer with the whisk attachment. i slowly added powdered sugar until i achieved the sweetness i was looking for. slowly add some ganache to the cream cheese mixture. it is all how chocolaty you want it. you can see below, my cream cheese mixture is a medium brown. set aside chocolate cream cheese mixture and beat some heavy whipping cream until stiff peaks form. sweeten your cream as you go. gently fold the whipped cream (about half and half) into the chocolate cream cheese mixture. fill your sweet chocolate pie crusts with the chocolate mixture and top it with whipped cream cheese. i fanned some strawberries on these ones below. for the shower i topped some with raspberries, and others with a cashew, coconut, chocolate sprinkle mixture. the picture below is a birthday present i did for my bestie brooke for her birthday, the plate being the gift.
sorry for non recipe haters. i just don't do well with cooking inventions. if i ever do a cook book it would be called the book of concepts, hence a failed cook book!:)


Eva said...

I think the Joy of Cooking has a ganache recipe in the pie section (I just have the pie section, yum). You can use ganache as a glaze base for pastry cream or just fruit, glazed with jam. Or use it as frosting (cool it in the fridge overnight for best results). Especially good as a layer between chocolate cake!