Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lemon Meringue Tart

When My sister-in-law came to visit over the holidays from Tucson, I was telling her how much I love having lemons around in my kitchen for baking and cooking. A couple of months later, I opened up my door on my birthday and found a big unexpected box on my front porch. I opened the box and found a dozen or more lovely large lemons. They were so fragrant and beautiful. Apparently, her neighbor has a big lemon tree in her yard and she went over and picked a bunch just for me. I put a few in a pretty glass bowl on my table and then went to work finding lemon recipes so they wouldn't go to waste. I found a recipe for a lemon meringue tart and made it last Sunday. It was so refreshing and fun to have in the winter time. It kept well too and last night Rob polished off the last four pieces (I think he liked it!). Here is the link for the recipe:
p.s. to avoid lemon waste, juice the lemon and then freeze. Just thaw the juice for use in later recipes!