Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Pioneer Woman Cooks

It was love at first sight, really. The moment I clicked on the link for The Pioneer Woman Cooks, I knew I had found a gem of a site. She's witty, creative and her posts are so fun to read. Her recipes usually include step by step instructions and pictures. Her recipes are great (though not necessarily your "go to" for light and healthy meals). For me, her site is all about indulgences. I feel like just reading her site is an indulgence in and of itself. The recipes I have tried have been really yummy.

I made this steak for Valentine's dinner for my hubby and I. It was awesome and the best steak I have ever made (hands down). A word of warning to the wise...if you live in Whitehall or some other place where the smoke detector is sensitive, open a window before putting your steak in the pan. It'll be smokin' baby...but it gives the steak that nice crusty outside!

Check her site out. It's a good one. And hey, we all need an indulgence once in a while!